7 Beautiful Ways to Dance the Universal Beat 

The universe is everything, everyone and everywhere. It’s a part of you, me, the guy at the bus stop and all of us are a part of it. It’s been said that the universe is fractal, meaning that down to the smallest aspect, the whole is imprinted. It’s like a hologram. If you cut a holographic photo in half then shine a laser through it to produce a clone, it will not show half a hologram. It will show a less detailed version of the entirety. Half the film contains information on the whole. You could technically keep cutting the holographic film and the whole hologram would still show, but only less detailed. The universe works in that way. Some could say that a single spec of sand on a beach in Hawaii contains the entire universe of information within it.

Despite the universe being interconnected where one is the whole, it still manifests individual experiences where our conciousness is in the drivers seat. Our lives are one storyline in a sea of alternate histories that are all intertwined for some reason. All this but we all kind of deviate around a\general theme or centre of some kind. If you could put a standard deviation on it, it would be our paradigm. Its a kind of dance that everyone is in. You could say that every storyline is dancing to a similar beat but individually. Your life is a universal dance, how are you going to express it?

Here is how to add colour to your dance;


7. Complement Strangers

What’s better than receiving a complement? If you ask me, I think giving a well received one is. What makes it even better is that the good vibrations are shared. If you give one well crafted booster to someone everyday, I can guarantee you that you will have a bright spot in every one of your days. Isn’t that pretty.


6. Share your Attention

Sometimes you need to let go and commit yourself fully to another persons story. You got to dance with others a little bit if not continuously to let their vibes encourage and influence your style. Your life is not about you, its about your interaction within all our experiences.


5. Don’t Settle for Safe

A sheltered mind is the least creative. Limitations are put in place to avoid risks and perceived peril irrespective that failure is simply the process to success. It’s painful to become great at anything. We all need to embrace this hardship to growth and try to always reach past our goals. Finnish painting that landscape, it might be more charming than you thought.


4. Forgive Yourself

We all all look like fools sometime. We often are fools, who are sometimes either self centred, arrogant or rude. It’s important to realize that you a work in progress until the day you die. If you give up on that the what’s the point? Understand and respect your challenges but give yourself credit. Life was not meant to be easy


3. Commit Fully to Projects and People

There’s nothing more dangerous than half committing to a spin or a flip on a back country booter. It’s a receipt to get stuck head first in the snow but there is nothing more elegant than smoothly landing your trick. You have to fully commit so you can eventually add some style points. You’re less likely to fail if you just go for it.


2. Cooperate with Others

Competition is for the weak of mind. It is for people who fear of not having enough. There is enough place in the world for everyone to sleep and we are collectively smart enough to overcome any technological challenge. Everyone have people that will naturally gravitate toward them. You don’t need to be the best or most powerful for others to love and appreciate you. Take when it’s appropriate and give when that’s appropriate. You don’t need to steal the dance floor.


1. Show your Love and Compassion to Others

Don’t wait until wait until the dance floor clear because it’s way funnier to dance with others. Encourage the people you love to be the best version of themselves by being the best version of yourself. Let’s your love flow unhindered and it will be returned to you in double. Remember, we are all in this together.

Think of you life as a canvas. You are presently painting it. What direction do you want to take it in?