Astral Projection Technique: The Role Technique

Astral projection is not the type of experience you can induce willy nilly. It does take some practice and experience to become familiar with associated and parallel mindsets, so travelling the astral plane is by no mean a beginner practice. Patience is key to learning any mind art and this is no exception. It’s not a race and there are no winners. The journey should be relished and enjoyed. Any technique for inducing an out of body experience is exactly that, just a technique to leave the body, assuming you are in the right state of mind to leave.

The first level of astral travel has come to be known as “Focus 12”. Focus 12 is when your etheric body (or your spirit) finally separates from your physical body. The focus levels of consciousness were actually laid out by Robert Monroe on a scale from focus 1, which would be your normal concious living all the way to focus 49 which would be considered a mystical experience of universal manifestation beyond the comprehension of most. It’s the most mystical of all mystical experiences known by humans.

Using ‘The Role Technique” to induce an out of body experience, like “The Rope Technique” is simple. You just role over when you achieved sufficient depth in focus 10. Your body is asleep so it’s paralysed and your etheric self should turn into you physical body and separate. It’s like rolling over when you’re sleeping accept that your mind is awake. Just consciously do it.

In order to achieve focus 12, you first need to achieve the right depth within focus 10. Focus 10 is mind awake, body asleep. It’s sleep paralysis. The way you successfully complete the role without physically rolling over is by having sufficient depth within focus 10. Your body can’t just be a little asleep. At first, your entire body needs to be fully asleep and quite deeply. Your shouldn’t be able to move your limbs if you really try. You should only get tingling at best.

I have been experimenting with the focus level using The Monroe Institutes Hemi-Sync program, notably the Gateway Experience and have found the role technique a little more difficult than many because you can’t just visualize it until you become ready or you will actually role over. I do understand thought that the Hemi-Sync system encourages this grater focus level mastery with this technique because you can’t try to force an astral projection. If you ever do, it likely won’t be consistent. They are not looking to have you one off leave your body and not have it repeatable. For this reason I have been steering toward achieving better depth in focus 10 before moving on to even try to leave the body through focus 12. If you are going to use the Monroe Gateway Experience, its important to take it slowly.

I can say that the Gateway Experience has helped me achieve greater depth within focus 10 which should eventually lead to better discipline. One would aspire anyway…

Hemi-Sync is not the only way to access Focus 10 and 12 but is just a tool. You can experiment with regular binaural beats, meditations (guided or not), hypnosis, yoga or fasting for that matter. Your mind and spirit are powerful. Far more powerful than we give them credit for. At the end of the day, will is what determines your future so if you really want to have a consciously induced out of body experience, you will exalt it into existence. Techniques and tools are fine but the golfer makes the golf club and not the other way around.