Astral Projection Technique: The Rope Technique

When you think of a strawberry, what comes to mind? Is it taste, smell or maybe the sound of you biting into it? For many people who are visual, they think of the delicious red of the fruit and imagine what it looks like. Wikipedia says that approximately 60 to 65 percent of people are predominantly visual in the way they think. They are visual thinkers. It’s the most used sense for most people.

I used to think of myself as a very visual person and I may have been at one point but over the past few years have become more kinaesthetic. I’m more sensitive to feel than I ever have been. I’ve developed that gut feeling. Partially intentional but much having to do with age…

Visualization is not something I’m as good at as I used to be but for those who are, the rope technique or variations of it can really help when learning astral projection. It may have been developed prior to Robert Bruce, but he is who I initially heard it from. It goes like this;

It’s important prior to attempting to induce any altered state of consciousness to prepare your mind. Relaxation is not only key to mastery of the mind but increases mental agility.

I always start my practice with breathing exercises. Learn to breath with the full capacity of your lungs. Feel your solar plexus expand and contract while you intentionally breath slowly and deeply. Relax…

Next, draw energy into your aura by visualizing a white light beaming down from the sky recharging all the energy centres of your body. This light is a positive light that your energy body craves. The white light contains all colours within it balancing your entire auric field.

The rope techinique is a visualization technique so the more relaxed your mental and physical state the easier it will be to progress. The idea is to achieve mind awake, body asleep before proceeding to visualization so important to have a full repertoire of meditative exercises. More to come on that…

There are a few indicators to know to begin your exit visualization. The first indicator is getting the vibrations. This is when your body and mind start to feel like a rung tuning fork. You can definitely hear the vibration and for me it a low frequency hum. A second indicator is when your heart beat start to feel like a drum beat. Beat may be clear as day but for some it’s just a feeling. A third is the physical feeling of the onset of sleep paralysis. You feel heavy and paralysed and perhaps even buried in sand. These are common indicators and more exist but when you get a sign, proceed to the following visualization exercises.

Imaging your body and spirit as separate and the only way for your ethiric body to separate is to pull itself out. Visualize a rope in front of you and grab that rope with your spirit hand and pull yourself to climb out of your body. It likely won’t work the first few hundred time as this exercise is meant to be repeated. Muscle memory but with your mind.

You can also visualize the rope as a ladder meant for your spirit to climb out of your body. The idea is for you to pull yourself out of your body.

If and when you do succeed, it’s important to to keep the experience short as memory will break down quite quickly at first and the risks of falling asleep or into a dream are high. Return to your body and make another attempt. It’s important for you to know what works for you so you can create a replicatable technique or routine to leave your body. Only then can you start to work on your memory and discipline. If you keep falling asleep, it will be difficult to create and even recreate a successful standard practice for yourself.

Practising at different times of the day can also help because if you only do this before going to sleep you will often just fall asleep so successes will be much harder to build on.

If you are visual this technique is worth a try but remember that it’s all in preparation and discipline.

Happy Astral Travel…