Conquering the Fear of Vibrations

When entering the stage in which your body is falling asleep but your mind is awake, many will get the vibrations. Think of when you’ve been sitting for a while and your leg starts to fall asleep. Let this feeling of vibration stream all across your body and allow it to intensify. This is an eery feeling that makes all the little hairs on your body stand up kind of like when you’re not alone but should be. The vibrations is for many a precursor to an out of body experience because I means that you’ve managed to not fall asleep. It means that you’re almost there.

For the less experienced in astral travel and even lucid dreaming, two common obsticles tend impeded the experience, the first is reaching the vibration stage and the second is getting passed it. Not everyone who practices astral projection or lucid dreaming get the vibrations but many do and getting passed has more to do with philosophy than an actual technique. Strange enough, that philosophie and understanding comes with experience because it’s one thing to have a beleif but it is far stronger to know from experience.

Essentially what I am saying is that I can tell to not be scarred of the experience as it will not harm you but until you’ve experience the full intensity of it, the words have no meaning. It’s like telling a child that the dark will not harm them, they just need to grow accustomed.

One of my more intense experiences with the vibration state occurred when I was in what is called sleep paralysis. At the time, I had been practicing lucid dreaming and was seeing some growth. My dream memory was about as good as it had ever been when I started to experiment with wake induced lucid dreaming. This requires that you systematically observe yourself going to sleep, very similarly to the practice of astral projection so vibration were a definit possibility. I systematically put my physical body to sleep starting with my toes and working my way up when I finally reached sleep paralysis. Stage 1 complete, now to leave the body. I further tried to relax my mind when I felt a presence in the room. This was not positive presence but had an oppressive feel to it. I couldn’t see anything but could definitely feel it when pressure developed in my chest. Something was pushing down on my chest and making me feel as though I was short of breath, I thought. That’s when the vibration came on stronger.

Prior to systematically putting my body to sleep, I had made sure to first cleans my chakra system. Having a clean flowing aura is instrumental in spiritual work. When I felt the pressure begin to apply on my chest I begun to focus all my auric energy toward my solar plexus chakra charging it up. I finally released the energy in a burst to release the tension. The pressure subsided and the presence dissipated. No harm, no foul. This did leave me slightly startled on the other hand but I eventually got to sleep.

I did not lucid dream or have an astral projection that night but eventually went back to practicing. Soon after I got to reading about the vibration state throught Robert Monroe (Journeys Outside the Body) and on sleep paralysis. Legends and tales speak of the old hag who haunts the sleeping by sitting on their chest but I don’t think that’s what it was. I think it was anxiety brough on by the state of mind awake, body asleep. It was one of the first times I conciously and intentionally achieved sleep paralysis. I had previously heard of the tales of the old hag and likely manifested the experience.

Now in the case that it was an entity, philosophically I believe that positive energy trumps negative so I’m invulnerable with the right mindset. Please correct me if I am wrong.

That is actually how I got passed the fear of the vibration state. It’s a mix of a weird experience and a concious shift in philosophy to either give me courage or blind confidence. At this stage I can bring on the vibration state most nights but am still working on my memory. From my understanding, discipline has a lot to do about it…