Do we Live in a Computer Simulation?

If you could design your personal qualities like one would create a video game character, what would you prioritize? Would you push for points in constitution, strength or wisdom?

Some of the leading scientist of our day are in serious contemplation that our universe operates like a computer simulation. Counter to orthodox scientific beliefs of days past, the universe does not exist without a concious observer. This question is one that plagued Albert Einstein throughout his career and life because for a long time it was at the core of the debate in science and philosophy. Does the Universe operate based on Materialism or Idealism? That is the question. I’m not a scientist but I’ll try to give you a small summary.

Materialism Democritus philosophy 

Materialism takes the view that physical particles are the building blocs to the universe and that everything is basically atoms. It’s the outlook that everything is what it seems to be and that nothing can exist outside the laws of Newtonian physics (or its core principles for that matter). It’s an atheist view of life and the universe at its simplest and it assumes that the universe would exist without us living in it (it’s not atheism but only a simple view of it). This view of the world assumes that we are separate to nature, the universe, other people and animals. This has long been orthodox theory in science but with the discovery of quantum mechanics, the centre of influence has moved.

Idealism Platonic philosophy 

Many of our modern scientific researchers have been heavily influenced by the laws (or lack of laws) presented by quantum physics. Common philosophy within the scientific community in moving more towards Idealism. Idealism is the theory that our reality is made up of abstract thoughts interpreted by our conciousness and made into matter, such as atoms. We are both participating and creating our universe simultaneously. None of this would exist without a concious observer and our attention does influence it. Our intention influences it and all its probabilities. The Butterfly Effect is a real thing and a Black Swan is the result. Quantum physics has long been eluding to this with such demonstration as quantum entanglement and even the wave/particle duality principle. At this point quantum mechanics has shown that concious observation effects results but results are still subject to probability. Shit doesn’t always follow the rules.

So what does this have to do with living in a computer?

I am not suggesting that we live in a computer program like in The Matrix  or something. Evidence has shown on the other hand that our universe has many digital traits. It’s more like our computers mirror the universe and not the other way around. Computers are a technology that rely on a fundamental trait that exist in the universe. When we observe something, it either is or isn’t and demonstrated millions of times, that can say plenty. Computers, like the universe are binary at they’re core and can be programmed to calculate probabilities and can even act them out through output peripheries. In our case, our senses and consciousness in the past, present and future. The universe is all possibilities and we just follow the chain of probabilities into the future. The past is certain but only from our point of view and the present is what our consciousness is doing. We are the machines that compute the universe increasing entropy by learning throughout our concious experience.

Machine learning mimics us to almost to a scary degree in the way it’s objective is to become more complex. Thermodynamics states that our universe naturally increases its complexity with time. This is often spoken of in a physical way like gas clouds becoming planets that eventually become stars,but what was the root of all of it? It was a yay or a nay. The universe either was or wasn’t, is or isn’t and we are simply the result of trillions and even an infinite amount of bits arranging themselves to learn how to arrange themselves more beautifully. You got to think about concept in order to perfect it. The Big Bang happened, now here we are in all our complexity to figure it all out. It’s like a toroid of thought.

I realize that I’m getting in the real abstract here but what I am saying is that principles of the universe are binary at their core and that our concious experience is simply the computation of this with objective the to create more and more complex string of bits. The universe is experiencing itself through us to learn every possible outcome.

I realize that this is yet to be proven and it is far out of an idea but more and more physical evidence is pointing toward this being the case. More legitimate theoretical physicist are seriously contemplating the idea. It’s cutting edge science in many circles.  If in fact it were the case, think of the implications it would have on your life? Would you still think that we were put here on earth as a sort of gift or simply to be happy (that is the most common reason I’ve ever heard)? I for one think there is purpose and that purpose is a simple expression thought. Though is meant to be discovered. What do you think?