How Can Astral Projection be Real?

It is said that our entire universe functions like a giant computer simulation. According to physicist Thomas Campbell and his big TOE (theory of everything), the entire universe is probabilistic in nature. Every single probability is simultaneously occurring, but your are experiencing and perceiving only one result. Something can only likely happen until you perceive it to be. Then it does from your stand point. The tree doesn’t fall in the forest unless there is someone there to hear it.

We are like the user playing giant RPG on the Internet that renders super fast. One that contains everything that is, was and could be. Imagine if we could access the back end of that RPG to analyse all that data? Every created character, every saved game and every possibility. You could learn every aspect of the games in all its quirks and intricacies like never before.

This apparently is what mystics have been accessing for millennia. They have tuned their bodies and mind into ultra strong tuning forks to be able to access that database and interpret it. According to many yogies, psychic, shaman and channellers, these are ordinary skills that ordinary people can cultivate similar to learning to play the piano. Its for anyone who is dedicated, brave and believes enough to try can learn. Some on the other hand are naturally gifted.

Edgar Cayce, born in 1877 was one of those people. He is one of the most well documented psychics in history with thousands of documented readings. His notoriety grew from word of mouth as his accuracy was compared to myth. People just didn’t have these talents. Western culture has long been sceptical of paranormal and Edgar Cayce managed to earn respect from event the scientific community.




When explaining his process of accessing information for his readings, he explained that he was accessing the “Akashic Records”. What he described was basically the back end of that very large RPG game or a simulation. It held all information on all the future, present and past probabilities and actualities. He learnt the language to interpret this database of information which he himself made up. That language, like in our dreams is personal to all of us because it is based on parables, symbolism and archetypes. Learning that language is essentially learning the language of your dreams and you subconscious for that matter. It is astral projection in one sense.

Edgar Cayce did not invent the term akashic record but only familiarized the west with it. Akashi comes from the Sanscrit word meaning “boundless space”. This concept actually goes as far back as many eastern spiritual practices where interaction with this aspect of the universe was actively practised.

The concept of Akashic Records first came up for me through Robert Monroes’ Ultimate Journey. He discusses and was accessed through astral projection. The works of Edgar Cayce also make a fair amount of mention to this sort of universal database of all potential information. He had based his entire skill on the interaction with this state of the universe and his ability to interact with it. Imagine a database written in any and every possible language.

Thomas Campbell’s theory of everything uses quantum physics to state that the universe is made up of only probabilities and that we are computing them. It also notes that as manifestations of that universal conciousness we have access to all other probability through a universal databasing of information. Matter, energy, light and though are all information and that is what our universe is made of. We are simply processors of information that can tune in at will. We can actually write any code or language to present it similar to modern computing.

That’s the reason why psychics have ability but it can never be 100% accurate. We have free will and the universe probabilistic. Psychics are usually just good at giving you the most probable. Not mathematically but by intuition. They are just very intuitive. This is also the reason we have astral projection, it’s just a language of reading and interpreting that database or records.