How Does Marijuana Affect your Ability to Astral Project?

So you like smoking a little weed eh? Don’t worry, anyone who tells you there’s anything wrong with that is speaking out of fear and ignorance. There’s no hiding the facts any more, consuming cannabis is no more harmful then having a glass of wine. It’s far safer then having 5 glasses as a matter of fact. Smoking dope is relaxing. We all know that, so one could assume that it could help you relax to the degree of helping with astral projection. You need to relax to induce that type of mindset so wouldn’t it?

Well, yes and no…

First, let’s start with consumption method. Are you going to eat it or smoke it, because that will define your experience. Understand that if you smoke weed, you will usually only reach a certain level of high. You hit a peak that usually can’t be matched the same day. I’ve often call this, smoking yourself sober. It’s way different if you eat it because your gut digests it over a longer period of time. Eating marijuana is known to have the ability of get your higher than smoking ever could, even using an apparatus like a water bong. It would seem that when you eat it, Ganga has more or a psychedelic high rather then a mild body or mind buzz. People have reported hallucinations under larger doses and the effects that can last much longer under higher intensity. That is why the less experiences should be cautious. Eating too much weed for your experience can be overwhelming.

Secondly, you have to think of your dose. Are you going to get really, really high in hopes of inducing an out of body experience or are you going to micro dose and meditate? States of mind are completely different depending on how high you get and results may vary. Cannabis is illegal in many jurisdiction so I’m not going to endorse it’s consumption or possession but if you are going to consume dope in whatever way, it’s important that you start small. The less experienced may not be properly equipped to handle more intense experiences. What if you’re allergic? I’ve seen people projectile vomit from lack or experience. Do you jump into the deep end when learning to swim? People have done some ridiculous shit when stoned (here, here and here) on weed. Actually, come to think about it, people typically couch melt and eat Cheetos when they’re too high. Getting really baked is fine but I can tell you that you are less likely to be able to influence your thought enough to leave your body while really stoned. People have successfully taken the sledge hammer route but there is no consistency. That is to eat as much weed as possible then float in a deprivation chamber  (float tank). No guarantees here and likely no consistency. It’s like taking a ride in a cab to learn how to drive. You need to take weed every time to induce the state. The idea here is to train the mind and micro dosing can be an effective help in relaxing enough to meditate more deeply.





Third. Are you consuming an Indica, Sativa or a hybrid strand? This opens the the debate as to whether cannabis can help or not because we are now talking about an entire family of compounds. Every strand produces a difference high and encourages a different mindset. It’s like asking; does drinking hydrate you? It does if you drink water but if you decide to have a glass of vodka then drinking will completely dehydrate you. Not only do the psychoactive effects vary by stand but the method of consumption, dose and person can greatly alter the experience. Weed in its natural state is incredibly diverse. We would need to start cataloguing every strand while measuring effect in labs scientifically. At the end of the day, I can’t tell you from a scientific stand point whether weed will help you astral project because there are so little product standards. The legal industry is so new that very little research has been done. Research needs to increase for us to better understand this plant because it’s diversity can be the game changer of tomorrow.

There has on the other hand been some studies linking the use of marijuana and more particularly, THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabidiol) with an instability in REM sleep. There are 4 stages of sleep, REM (Rapid-Eye Movement) being the stage with the most brain activity is where much or your dreaming occurs. Marijuana has been liked to the disruption of this state in mind causing many habitual marijuana users to not dream or remember their dreams as much. Let’s be honest here, dream studies is not an exact science. In saying that, many users will see an increase in dreaming when they stop using with the up-tick REM sleep activity. Some users will even experience unusually vivid dreams for the first few sleeps post cessation. Obviously more studies need to be done but cannabis has shown to reduce consistency of dream eloquence.

Many of our religious scripture make reference to cannabis in ancient cultures but as of today, much of the orthodox belief is that mind altering drugs pollute your soul and aura. Marijuana is grouped into that same category as heroin for some reason. I’m not sure that I believe this in reason that my initial spiritual curiosity and inspiration has come from from my experience with cannabis. Getting high turned on my spiritual switches that has fuelled my spiritual growth.

Whether or not “the stikiest of the ickiest” can help one reach spiritual states can be a complicated question. I can only explain from experience in saying that a healthy and harmonious relationship with Mary Jane is the most important factor as to what kind benefit you will get from it. I have found that occasional micro dosing with meditation can be a great lubricant. To each their own, I won’t recommend you try but will recommend that you don’t count it out.

Please help release the stigma associated with cannabis by talking about it. I don’t care what your opinion is as long as your are open to talking about it. We have long been indoctrinated to by various business interests to believe that marijuana is a destructive and dangerous substance without talking in consideration the nuance of life. We have been taught to be closed about about the fringe and to fear the “drugs” or the “fuzz” will come get you. Let’s open our conciousness and talk about the issues that affect us all. People are addicted to behaviours, not drugs. Let’s end the war on drugs and legalize.