How Sound can Help Induce an Out of Body Experience

Both you and I started our lives as a though, an afterthought likely. We were the result of the coming together of two manifestations of Mother Nature. These were our parents. It’s weird to think about it that way but that’s nature. It’s brazen and challenging to the naked eye.

This feeling started off inside your parents and through such intense emotions came greater and greater expressions until you came along to drive that expression of thoughts, vibes and emotions. Your mind and body was shaped through this expression, this dance of life.

The subtle energy that seeded and shaped you was love. The love of your parents created you. No matter how confused or intentional the process, your life is the mass art project of your parents and is the reason why you are who you are. For better or worse. Art depicts all forms of expression objectively and we just interpret it however. Our universe has infinite ways of expressing itself which ironically often resonate within us. Take the euphony of the chirping of birds for example or the hum of the rain forest. This is a beautiful expression of Mother Nature.


The universe fundamentally expresses itself through frequencies that are picked up by our senses. Our brain creates this sort of matrix that is our reality which for the most part, is the conversion of waves to particles. Not only are sounds and lights waves, but as per quantum mechanics, even the device that you’re reading this on and you, yourself are waves. The universe is made up of interference patterns. You could almost say that it’s all just music. The particles that make up your body are at their core, the same as light and sound. They are refraction in the universe. Like the octaves of a piano, our reality presents itself differently depending on the frequency in which we tune our brain at. Our brain is simply interpreting that dance in a way that is graspable creating this sort of matrix that we have come to inhabit. We are sound and light but our brains make something of it by tuning to the frequencies. We are a sort of universal tuning fork dancing to the melody or in some cases even not.

The way that our brains tune to the universe is through intention but it also gets influenced by the environment. You don’t dance to all music the same would you? You on the other hand do have some control of that environment by how you exercise your mind and what you input to it. Being able to pick up a wide variety of frequencies can make you a sensitive tuning fork or not. The frequencies at which your brain operates have a lot of variables but can be influenced by meditation aided by sound and music. If you have ever felt the static energy of an amazing live performance or the raw emotion of someone crying you can account that sound has the power to move us on a very deep level. Simple frequencies have the power to do the same. Like a piano with octaves, frequencies are fractal but never ending and on a spectrum of reality rather than simple heard sound. Emotions and thought can be represented by sound and light and entire experiences through melody or chaos. This is art. We are subjectifying the objective and creating our reality. Our brains pick up the underlining themes of frequencies regardless of octave. Simple sounds can make you happy or sad and light can make you trip. Not only can you influence your mood but you can alter your state of consciousness with sound or light. You can train your brain to take you to places no one knew existed. A scalpel is just metal but in the hands of a doctor is a powerful tool. Sound can be that scalpel.

One such tool to exercise your mind is binaural beats. Binaural beats is a recording of  two tones played at different frequencies in each ear producing a third tone at with the brain synchronizes. This produces altercation to the brains electrical activity and has shown to influence mind states. This concept actually goes back to the 1700s but has only been implemented in clinical psychology since about the 1950s. This is when stereo headphones made the technology practical for experimental use and study. It’s not a new concept that sound frequencies influence brain frequencies but it not common for people to apply these technologies to improve their lives. It seems impractical for people to apply these known methods to encourage their brains to function at their peak. It’s also understandable because no such practical how to guide exists. There is no modern manual to explore your consciousness.


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Binaural beats are simple, they encourage your brain to synchronize at a set frequency but what is not so simple is knowing what that frequency should be. An emotion for example is not just one set frequency, it can be a pattern of brain frequencies and those patterns can vary from person to person. There is a list of binaural beat frequencies (mind state frequencies) online but it’s like reading a dream dictionary, it will give you a general answer. I kind of like saying that because most people associate the colour red with fear or lust, that when you dream of red, it means the same thing. It’s just kind of fallacious. It’s just not that simple, you have to figure out what red means to you in order to map out your own dream metaphors and symbols. Furthermore, finding out how to transition into mind states from a variation of frequencies is important. What I am saying is that no binaural beat is the be all end all but it helps to get you into a mindset. The Monroe Institute has long been a pioneer in these studies but more research is required. It’s like as if this is a human technology in its infancy and has long been underdeveloped. Though I would question its commercial viability.

It is said that the best results for achieving states out of the body have been experienced at a binaural beat of around 4htz. Robert Monroe and Thomas Campbell actually demonstrated this clinically on multiple subjects but they didn’t just give people headphones and play a 4htz binaural beat. They trained the subjects to learn techniques of meditation and used transitional beats that guided them to an eventual 4htz resonance. It’s essentially how they created the Gateway Experience which has become the “Go to” program to learn astral travel. It uses binarual beats but in combination with a multitude of different sound technologies to influence the brain into said mind-state.

Not only does music influence our mood but sounds even moves us on a subconscious level effecting not only our body, but our minds and spirit. Curiously, there is speculation that our perception of frequencies is not fixed physiologically so theoretically we could learn to perceive in the x-Rays or Gamma rays and all this is such a minute fraction of the entire spectrum of possible frequencies. It’s kind of mind boggling…

In my experience sound can produce strange things. If I use a blender in a specific location in my home, I feel a presence behind me. I’ve tried various blenders and machines in various surrounding locations yet if it’s just right I feel the presence. I read somewhere that it has something to do with the frequency of 18.98htz, but hey, what do I know. I’m just a curious guy trying to blend a smoothie.