How to Fit Meditation Into your Busy Schedule

We live in a busy world. Success these days seems to often be measured on how busy you are. Even people that aren’t busy make out their lives to always be go, go, go, because that is our paradigm. Be productive says the economy. Many of us are productive and based on the last 100 years, productive enough for the rest of us that aren’t. Admittedly, productivity is great but it has to be harmonious with the rest of your life for you to be healthy and at your best. For you to be happy.

I know, opportunity come in spurts and cycles, so in order take advantage, we have to challenge ourselves during times of fortune to grow as individuals. We put stress on ourselves to succeed but to have a healthy mind, body and soul harmony must be achieved. Practices such as meditation help bring balance through the release of thought and the activation of present mind.

The act of learning to think, focus or nothing at all is like any other learning process . It requires discipline. You didn’t learn to read overnight and neither can you expect to become comfortable meditating by trying it once. A common justification to not meditate is that you are too busy. I told myself that for a long time and still sometimes do but have found that it is like any other act. You either make it habitual or you don’t and that depends on your priorities. Realistically, why do you meditate? Or don’t you? I’m not going to try convince you that its important but whether you practice will depend on how important you think it is. I think that meditation is to the mind what exercise is to the body. Both mind and body need regular activity to thrive and meditation is good mind practice.

For a long time, when I though of meditation, I though of someone sitting lotus for hours in nature. It’s often depicted this way. It doesn’t have to be. The Dalai Lama once said that sleep is the best meditation. It is the most common form of meditation but the practice goes far beyond sleeping. It can include visualization but also mental silence, focus but openness and is purely intentional. Meditation is learning how to tame your mind to better use it. You don’t just run to get in shape.You sprint, jog, jump, squat, push and stretch. It’s the same thing with the mind. To get your mind in shape, you need to do different exercises. I have found it to be very convenient to do these exercise before going to bed.

It important to first learn some exercises, so I’ll list a few of them;

1. White Light Meditation

2. Chakra Cleansing Meditation 

3. Breath in Patterns

4. Full Body Scan Meditation 

5. Counting Deeper Meditation 

After you feel you understand the concepts of the exercises, make them part of your everyday habit of going to bed. I have found that creating sleep habits help in practices such as lucid dreaming and have benefited by such habits as doing 3 full exercises before going to bed. It’s important to not put yourself in your sleep position because meditation necessitates the relaxation of your mind and body. I usually sleep on my side so I practice in Savasana position. I usually don’t fall asleep in that position unless I’m really tired. A second tip is not to wait until you are exhausted before going to bed because you will fall right asleep.

I have found that creating a sleep routine can be constructive in everything from dream work to learning how and when to fight illness.

Meditation on the other hand, can be so much more than what I just described and is not the only way challenge your mind. Dwayne Johnson once said “For me, training is my meditation, my yoga, hiking, biking all rolled into one.” and I believe it because meditation is simply the act of training your mindset, lifting weights requires it. What I am suggesting though is that no matter how busy, if you can find time to sleep, then meditation is only steps away. It doesn’t have to invade your life.