Is this Life Just a Dream?

Only Alan Watts could possibly summarize this concept as elegantly. He seems to have gained quite the following of artists who mix his philosophy with music and video to make some of the most insightful art. My favourite is the inception mix of Alan Watts comparing life to dreams and somehow sorting out the randomness of things. It’s a real masterpiece so I though I would share. Here it is;

I wonder, I wonder what you would do

if you have the power to dream, at night,

any dream you wanted to dream.

And you would of course be able to alter your time sense

and slip, say 75 years of subjective time, into 8 hours of sleep

And you would naturally

as you began on this adventure of dreams

you would fulfil all your wishes

You would have every kind of pleasure,

you see…

Love affairs, banquets, dancing girls

wonderful journeys, gardens, music beyond belief

And then after a couple of month

of this sort of thing, at 75 years a night

you would be getting a little taste of something different

And you would move over to an adventurous dimension

Where there was certain dangers involved

And the thrill of dealing with dangers

And you could rescue princesses from dragons

And go on dangerous journeys

Make wonderful explosion

and blow them up

Eventually get into contest with enemies

And after you’ve done that for some time

You would think up a new wrinkles

To forget that you were dreaming

So that you would think it was all for real

And you would be anxious about it

And then,

because it ah…

would be so great when you woke up

And then,

you’d say well…

Like children, we dare each other on things

How far off could you get?

What could you take?

What dimension of being lost?

of abandonment of your power

what dimension of that could you stand

You could ask yourself this because

you know that you would eventually wake up

Then you would get

more and more adventurous

Finally you would dream where you are now

You would dream the dream of living the life

that you are actually living today

That would be within the infinite multiplicity

of choices that you would have

So in this idea then

everybody is fundamentally

the ultimate reality

Not God in a politically kingly sense

but God in the sense of being the self

that deep down basic whatever there is

and you’re all that

only you’re pretending you’re not