Month 3 – Appreciate the Journey 

I feel like I took a few small steps forward this month.

I’ve kept a fairly regular routine of good health attention time this month. This is time dedicated to improving my health. I’ve been taking a holistic approach too by exercising intensely, eating well and meditating.

I have change my physical workout from being low tempo to as high as I can take it. No better way to get rid of bodily toxins then by sweating them out and I’ve managed to reduce the amount of processed products in my diet simply by paying more attention. These changes have been motivated by the meditation I’ve been doing because meditation opens your attention to your health.

This month I increased the amount of meditation I was doing. I dedicated 2 sessions per day. Thirty minutes after my workout and thirty before sleep. I’m on Wave I of the Gateway Experience by the Monroe Institute doing one and often two exercises per day. I’ve already learnt a lot from those works and will continue to but I think I need to become less object oriented.

I had an epiphany while meditating this month. This seems like such a simple thing because we hear it said so often but very rarely does it just smack you in the face like it did to me.

What I’ve discovered is that this journey of astral projection will enrich my life whether or not I am able to reach these higher states of conciousness. Its the effort of doing daily exercise through meditation that is truly enlightening. Meditation without any objective is the apex of being in the moment. Meditation at its peak doesn’t have an objective. You meditate to meditate.

Our world is fast and it’s only getting faster. We always have some goal or objective that we strive toward. Then we can’t wait to achieve it. Being seen as busy means you’re on track. We work and work and work to reach some goal and feel ecstatic when that occurs. But then what? We restart that process.

Maybe the goal is to be in the process. Isn’t that what life is? If your life is a series of goals then it assumes victory or failure when in fact, life is a series of lessons. You don’t take a painting class just to get through it, you wouldn’t learn anything. The artists who paints most beautifully in class are those who best absorbed it to influence their creativity. They’re fully present in the class and participate in each other’s development. Art is no competition. Their are no winners and no losers but only art work for different tastes.

We need to recondition ourselves to live more presently by enjoying the things we do. A societal virtue is to be hard worker. It is said that in order to be successful, one must sacrifice. Sacrifice plus sacrifice equals success. If one means to sacrificed the end for the mean or visa versa though, we are in a sad predicament. Like when the father spends all his time at work to provide for that prestigious school. What happens when that child leaves school then change careers and the father can finally retire. They both miss times past and long for the bond that should have been. But hey, maybe that was the lesson to learn. If both were present, they would look upon it with fondness and cultivate that bond.

So there I was meditating, realizing that it doesn’t matter if I leave my body and astral travel because I was present in the moment. That little moment of meditation was like fractal to all that could, should and is. I and we all need to take that same approach to life. Forget doing anything to get it done or to achieve. Achieve now by learning to love what you are doing. Learn to love yourself and world.

I think I’m going to go back to meditating my self to sleep by paying homage to my dream memory, clarity and lucidity.