Month 6: Review and Recalibration 

In May 2015, I took on the challenge of learning how to more consistently have out of body experiences. I wanted to astral travel at will. I came into the challenge with what I believed to be relatively deep philosophies and an open mind. I practised meditation on and off, yoga on and off and lucid dreaming for periods of time. Why not take on the challenge and goal more seriously by setting objectives? What can be better than acquiring extra sensory perception?

In the first 6 month of greater dedication to regular meditation and mind practice I learnt that the objective is not the end game. There is no finish line and developing a mind practice is for no other reason than being mindful. Mindfulness is not necessarily knowing the future, leaving my body or sensing someone’s intent but it’s accepting the path and learning what’s in there to be learnt. Our lives are the playing out of one path meant to be observed and experienced. It may not serve my life purpose to be amuse myself with out of body fraternizing when being present can offer the same wisdom. Not just being present in a conversation or mundane tasks of daily living but being present to the purpose of things. What’s the big picture? What am I to experience? What am I to learn? Experiencing is the end goal.

Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t given up on learning astral projection, I’m just no longer prioritizing it. I’ll just keep on my practice and it will come when I am truly ready. Besides, I think that to much of an emotional attachment is a barrier, kind of like committing yourself to someone who may or may not love you. The last thing you want to do is become emotionally tied to results. It’s like exercising to be thin, it makes the act of being active kind of suck. The journey is actually kind of fun.

Over the last while I’ve learnt to enjoy quiet moments and have gained the ability to lie or sit still without being all fidgety. This is no small achievement. We live in an ADD world with all sorts of distractions. I’ve started to feel vibes deeper inside me kind of like the beginnings of a trip. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t trip when I meditate but I’m beginning to locate where that sensation comes from.My astral projection mantras, exercises and meditations have now become part of my regular meditation. I simply dedicate time to this within my meditation but also focus a large part of my energy to creating greater harmony within myself and my life.

Approximately 2 months ago it was found that I have high blood pressure and an arrhythmia all at the ripe age of 29 years old. There’s no questions that something is off and I have sensed it starting about 1 year ago.  No doubt, this sense is what has lead me toward my new found dedication to meditative practice. My recklessness driven by a sense of invincibility is catching up and I need to adjust, sooner rather than later.

Nothing is physically wrong with my heart, it just regularly beats at 90bpm and a pressure of 150/105. My fight or flight mechanism is all fucked up and is permanently firing because this is how I deal with stress. Not only do I need to clean up my diet and exercise more, I need to work on better releasing my fear, anger and anxiety. Part of it is rejecting others peoples stress while some of it is releasing my own.

I’ve ventured as far as Wave 3 on Monroes’ Gateway Experience but recently went back to Wave 1 for the release and recharge exercise. It focuses on balancing your bodily energy while releasing tension. There is no objective other than to focus on your energy system. The exercises on Wave 2 are also key because they focus on bringing awareness to your energy system. This helps create energetic harmony so that it’s less erratic. Colour Breathing done in the Hemi Sync style is a great half hour meditation as well, that focusses on associative healing while living body map help does the same but differently. Wave 2 introduces colour visualization to meditation all in the effort to balance and heal. I have found these exercises to be particularly helpful.

I have found the Gateway Experience to be a training that helps you build your own tools. No one can build your tools but you because everybody is different and unique. As you build those tools you will also receive the insight on how to use them. It may be to create a universe or it might be to create other tools. For now, I’m just going to sharpen and refine my current ones.


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