My Astral Projection Experience – Month 2

I’m now in the second month of my journey to learn how to astral project. In all honesty, the last two month have been focused more on regimenting myself to be more healthy than strait astral projection technique. Astral projection is a spiritual practice so I feel that my mind, body and spirit have to be in proper balance and harmony to develop. To take it a step further, I think that you generally need to be healthy to develop. It’s that simple.

This month, I took a trip to the Rocky Mountains of North America and hiked what would be considered an intermediate mountain. Mount Fernie of British Columbia. I was humbled to say the least and not only by its beauty or magnitude (which is spectacular) but how the mountain pretty much laughed at my cardio and physical state. I’ve been a cigarette smoker for over 10 years  and climbing Mount Fernie was the final straw. I’ve rejoined the fight. The fight to regain my lung health. Meditation has been so much more enjoyable ever since. Of course riding the wagon is a bumpy ride and you do fall off every now and then but it’s all about getting back on.

Going into the month I knew that I needed to stop smoking as my meditation practices were making fully obvious. I was wheezing during breathing exercises. It was actually impeding my meditation at times. When I got back to the routine, it was a lot easier having had a week to get in better to touch with nature. I have always found nature to be harmonizing for me and just being within wilderness makes me want to be healthy. The balance gained from being in nature greatly helped propel my mindset to be healthy and thus contributed to the end goal of gaining an adeptness to leave my body and explore the astral realms. I’m breathing better today.

This month I acquired “The Gateway Experience” from the Monroe Institute and have started stage one. If you are not aware, Robert Monroe, a pioneer in astral projection created and patented a series of lessons that have become a staple in teaching people how to have out of body experiences. The lessons are a mix of guided meditations that use hypnosis and binaural beats in a specific manner to induce altered states of conciousness with the end goal of astral travel. The binaural beats have come to be known as hemi-sync because they synchronize the two hemispheres of your brain under one frequency. This specific technology was designed in the 70s by Mr. Monroe when he stated experimenting with sound and found that he could induce certain states, notable the out of body experience. He later refined the lessons into the Gateway Experience.

Having started Gateway, I can tell you that the incorporation of hypnosis in the lesson very much changes it from regular binaural beats. It’s like having a coach to walk you through everything you need to do then hypnotizing you to do it. They use focus levels as an identification mind state. Focus 10 being, mind awake, body asleep can pretty much be reached within minutes. I have taken a slow approach to the lessons as I realize that the hypnosis needs to sink in real deep to get the best results.

I have continued with regular daily meditation this month but have switched my regular binaural beat of a base frequency of 133Htz and binaural frequency of 5.8Htz to the Monroe Gateway Experience. No astral projection as of yet but none expected and I am focusing on the preparation. I’m still at Focus 10.