My Astral Projection Experience – The First Month

Hello all, I would like to thank you for joining me on my journey toward learning how to astral project consistently. This journey will be in constant change and flux because at the moment, being fairly novice in the matter, my goal is simply to learn how to induce the desired mindset to astral project. As I grow more and more insightful in the art my goals will change and evolve. I am dedicated to learn every method necessary to learn how to induce astral travel so it is a matter time before I achieve this and move on the deeper exploration.

Before I set out a game plan for the next month, I wanted to share where I am currently in my spiritual beliefs and practices as well as my habits and mindset. As seen in “What Guided me Toward Astral Projection”, I am fairly novice in the art. I’ve dabbled over the last few years in practices such as yoga, meditation and have been training lucid dreaming on and off for about 10 years.  The only practice that I have taken on with any kind of discipline in this regard is lucid dreaming and yoga but only for up to 5 month at a time. With the creation of this journal, I am challenging myself to take a more disciplined approach to my mind practice and to keep on it. This means, to have discipline and to practice habitually from now on.

What I would like out of this is obviously to experience astral projection, but in doing this to develop a better understanding of myself,  my place and my role in the universe. I would like to become more intuitive and more focused in the way I use my mental, physical and spiritual energy. Astral projection by no means a common experience and thus will require some training. This is what I am taking on. I am at this point, a young Padawan.


(This isn’t me, but I’m like him at the moment)

Prior to having started this project, I was stressed out. I work a fairly stressful job and it was taking both a physical and mental toll on me. I’ve always been physically active and I saw myself becoming less so. My energy levels were declining and I felt more drawn to past vices such as smoking tobacco. I restarted smoking which serves no purpose to my life. I was no longer even consistently remembering my dreams and was feeling less able to have mental or spiritual clarity. I stopped evolving personally. This in large part led me to want to start better channelling and focusing my energy.

Over the last month, I’ve started slowly changing my habits. I didn’t flip everything upside down as I don’t think it’s feasible but have integrated more positive practices into my daily habits. First thing’s first, I needed to exercise physically more. I work in an office so this has to be an intentional integration into my day.

Throughout the last month I’ve managed to incorporate one physical activity whether a sport or physical practice almost every day (it’s in my 5 day a week schedule), even if just a long walk. I re-immersed myself in passions such as golf and started cycling. This reigniting of passions has been key over the last month to renovating my mindset and introducing a better balance to my life.

I have integrated a practice of 2 meditation sessions throughout my day. The first is a 15 minute session laying savasana with the use of binaural beats with the intention of balancing my energies and focusing on positivity. The 2nd session is for 45 minutes before bed actually attempting astral project and focussing on encouraging lucid dreaming.

Also, I have restarted a dream journal and have been intentionally giving myself reality checks throughout the day. On average, I ask myself about 2 to 3 times per day whether I’m dreaming or not, just to make it habitual. As well, I have been setting the intention to both remember my dream and to awaken during dream time.

Over the last month,  the widest improvement that I have seen is in my dream memory. For the last 2 weeks, I have been remembering on average 2 to 3 dreams per night with in vivid detail. I have had clear memories of entire dream conversation and even dream transitions. I sense that because of my past experience with lucid dreaming, this aspect is coming a little easier for me. My stress level and overall contentment has increased substantially over the last month as well.  I’m having less trouble managing my stress as I am better able to turn off my mind chatter. Work issues are bothering me less.

I have not induced any intentional astral projections this month. This was expected. I don’t anticipate seeing tangible results within the first few months. This goes without saying, I have on the other hand induced the vibration state and sleep paralysis on a regular basis.

Small steps for the first month.

Over the next month, I will be looking to solidify these practices within my daily habit. There will not be much change in my game plan, so to speak but only refinement. Let me know in the comment section if you have any techniques, practices or resources you think may benefit not just me, but everyone reading.