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Besides documenting my pilgrimage toward greater wisdom, this site is a guide detailing practices, techniques and experience. I’m only one person on one journey and I’m sure I could learn from your experience. So could our entire community. I’m looking to build an incredibly deep resource to help guide myself and others to enlightenment thought the cataloguing of all known techniques and methods of not only astral projection but all esoteric and mystic practices. I don’t have a map and I don’t think you need one because spiritual practice free of dogma all leads to the same place.

No only am I encouraging you to share your favourite techniques, methods, practices and tools but I would love to hear your experience. Let’s catalogue our experiences to see what is really possible.

This community is now open to you but there are a few basic rules that are required for us all to get maximum benefit.

1. We need to have a high literary standard

I’m not asking for you to be a great poet like Dr. Seuss or a edgy story teller like Hunter Thompson but if you yourself don’t want to read your own article, then likely you haven’t polished it enough. Take pride in your art because you will be credited for it.

2. We shouldn’t plagiarize others

Inspiration is a great compliment but copying is strait up lazy. If you think someone’s else’s writing belongs here, let me know. I’m always happy to collaborate. If you are inspired by what someone else is doing write about it. Just know that you have a venue here here. All I ask is that you take pride in your work.

3. Take pride in your work

If you don’t feel comfortable sharing your own article on your Facebook or Twitter profile than maybe you should post it here. Your article will get read. Inspire me, that’s all I ask. I can handle a few grammar mistakes if you manage to inspire me. Write some thing that is worth posting. If your post is short enough to be left in a Facebook comment or even a twitter post, then post it there. Please submit posts of at least 500 words.

4. Editorial rights

Upon submission of any article, post, list or content of any sort Astral Projection Guide ( holds full editorial and commercial rights. We may edit, change, add or remove any content at our full discussion. Understand that you are giving us full rights to your work. We will credit you in the event that your work is shared.

What kind of article should I submit?

1. List Post

Classic “buzzfeed” type post are always popular and I for one can’t resist reading them at times. I’m such a sucker for click bait. These post are click baity and can be fun quick read. Feel free to submit list posts that will enlighten our community.

2. Methods and Technique

This encompasses everything from astral projection to breathing and meditation techniques. How do you find the source? That’s a pretty vague question so I expect a variety of answers. Make sure you name your technique and methods if they are not already named. This is like finding a planet and not naming it. I find it unfortunate that we name any planets numbers.

3. Mystical Experiences

Everyone enjoys hearing stories of the unknown especially when it pertained to mystical experiences. This doesn’t necessarily have to be relating to astral projection or meditation but can be as simple as your first connection with the spirit world. It can be scary or happy, conclusive or elusive, I want to hear about the different experiences people have. Anything is possible, I want to know what has already happen.

If you have any question relating to my publishing guidelines please send me a message. I would happily do what I can to facilitate collaboration to make the best resource possible.

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