Take your Life to the Next Level

Have you ever wondered how long you could go without eating? Common thought is that one could fast for about a week before they start to really hallucinate, see demons and possibly die.

Mahatma Ghandi went 21 days without food when staking a hunger strike against the British government for separating the electoral system by caste in India. In 1980, 20 to 30 incarcerated Irish Nationalists participated in a 53 day hunger striking in protest of the British governments decision on the treatment status of paramilitary prisoners at the Maze Prison in Northern Ireland. These people truly tested the limits of the human body and will, and some even died. Human will is strong. These martyrs truly had no fear of death and proved that you don’t need much to live. Yet today we have capitalist consumerism.

Wonderful planned obsolescence with its marketing gears and economic drivers. We are literally trained from day one to believe we don’t have enough and are going to run out. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy, ironically. Let me explain.

In this world, you either have means or don’t and that all depends whether you have money or not. You either have the opportunity to get educated or you don’t. You either value life or fear death. You either get it or you don’t. These concepts are often all inter-related.

People who don’t get it typically follow a life script that was laid out by others rather their dharma (true life path). This script varies by culture, but generally consists of a predetermined time of subservience to an overlord in exchange for an increase in status and material possessions. People in the economy typically, borrow for whatever reason (sometimes just to live or get educated) and have to do what they have to do to pay it back. They need to earn an income. Then they get into a cycle of spending as to maintain the living standards and lifestyles of others. All the while, their money acquires less resources with time making true freedom less achievable and almost forgotten. People see freedom as something you need to buy. Let’s be honest here, it’s likely not the government that is your biggest impediment to freedom. It’s your job, your mortgage and your fear. But don’t worry, you’ll get to retirement. The concept and importance of freedom to a certain degree has been lost and it’s up to us to rediscover it.

The term freedom has for a long time been co-opted by the propaganda machine. It’s been associated with war, at it’s worse, but generally has affinity by the ease in which one can navigate the economic society. Rich people are free and poor people are enslaved but the freer the happier says the advertisement. MTVs Real World is not the real world and our definition of freedom is about as fallacious as an apologetic blow job. It’s manipulative at best and deceitful at worst.

It’s like saying I’m freer than you. You’re either free or your not and that starts in your mind.

What we are talking about is the means of acquisition and the not the freedom to acquire, but that’s how it’s portrayed. From an early age, with stories from Cinderella, to Jack and the Beanstock to tabloid or any TV show, we are told that material possessions matter and that happiness is contingent upon them. This concept is buy far the most prevalent and penetrated within society today. People think that shit will make them happy so our paradigm is geared to do that through market capitalism. There is actually people who think that the financial market are more real than thoughts, emotions and dreams and more important than our lakes, forests and mountains. Fortunately, there are those who see right through the smoke and mirrors.



As you can see, what I am describing is very much a systems designed to promote physiological fear emphasizing root chakra behaviour. There’s nothing wrong with the root chakra. It’s actually quite important to keep balanced, but emphasizing it to such a degree has create metaphorical blinders.We’re out of balance as a society and species. We’ve lost sight of our universal path individually because of this fear of “not enough”. We consume because we are scared. We propagate this system of waste, because we are scared. We need to stop being scared.

We can say “they” all we want but “we” are “they” and we do it out of fear.

Let’s check ourselves before we wreck ourselves here for a minute.

There’s a growing number of people out there who get it, whether consciously or subconsciously. Anything you pay for will only temporarily make your life more comfortable. The less we consume, the freer we will become. This is not only a philosophical concept but tangible financial advice. That is assuming freedom could be measured economically and scripted on an excel spread sheet. Not only will we become individually freer due to less economic burden but we will gain more systemic freedom with the decline of corporate profits and influence. It’s up to us to rediscover our energetic balance individually so we can heal as a society. I can tell you that status is bullshit, but you have to learn it for yourself and all I can do is project harmonious energy and intention universally so maybe one day, the herding effect can work for the good. Imagine a world where love, passion and acceptance is valued to the degree of status.

I’m convinced that love and happiness are a learnt behaviours just like any other mind state. Someone who lives in a less constructive mindset often will have trouble recognizing and relating to the emotions of a positive one because their definitions have blurred perception.

I have an old friend who I used to often debate whether money can buy happiness and his answer was always the same. When I travel he would say, I’m happy, and I need money to travel. Okay, so travelling is fun. Agreed. But is fun happiness? It occurred to me during these conversations that what he liked about travelling is that it encouraged him to live in the now. To be present. He simply equated it to the act of travelling. He defined this happiness as these fun tokens. His metaphoric spiral continued in the very direction in the end, where I could no longer follow.

In saying this, there is a growing number of people who are learning to be present in the moment. These people have always existed and they are cool as shit. These people who, leave their fear at the door and follow their heart. They check their ego because there’s none left. Failure and success have combined. They are surfing the universal tide of human life on earth and it’s beautiful. We all know some of these people and you may be one of them. To you, I say bravo, you’re inspiring. Infect everyone around you with your positive mindset. These people are arch nemesis to consumerism and the enslaved mindset of the masses. Their example will free us all.

Because, I’m able to share this story with you on the line (the interweb) and so many other people are doing the same, this mindset is catching like wildfire and when mass adoption is taking place, we will see the societal harmony we all deserve. All in my humble opinion of course.

Sorry for the film quality, sometimes it’d fun to film with a potato 😉