The Sleep Paralysis Shadowman, Is he Real?

Do you believe in the Boogeyman?

To all appearances he is alive and well. The Boogeyman is apparently real and he looks like a shadow who comes to get you while you’re in sleep paralysis. I recently watched “The Nightmare” on Netflix, it’s a scarecumentary telling the stories of people who have experienced the phenomena referred to as Shadowman. This is described as a terrifying experience in which you are in sleep paralysis and you get visitations from a dark low vibrational entity who basically just scares the shit out of you. People have reported not only feeling this dark menace but some have seen it and are haunted by it and in consequence, sleep paralysis. Visitations are even said to propagate by simple knowledge of the phenomena. Like a virus this idea is said attach and infect.

So what is it and what are you going to do now that you’re cursed?

Shadowman is just a myth, some would say, but others truly believe that it’s the physical manifestation of their deepest fears. To understand the Shadowman, it’s important to understand the language of the subconscious mind. When we are not consciously formulating thoughts, our minds are still working but under a pattern that loosely resembles waking life. Our though patterns are erratic, symbolistic and metaphorical. We attribute meaning to things through symbolism such red to evil or eroticism to our latest infatuation. Our unconscious thoughts and feelings are not orderly, congruent, consistent or conforming. They are subject to your daily mantras and habits and influenced by your biases and beliefs. Your subconscious thoughts are how a poem would describe you in your life.

This Shadowman is a simple archetype of fear and stress for some. Archetypes are not just Ancient Greek or planet gods but individual and unique to everyone of us. Many ancient gods were exactly that, archetypes that were praised through prayer and mantra to imprint meaning subconsciously, training the subconscious to use consistent symbols to allow for concious communication with the day to day. People learnt the language of the soul. Because its culturally uncommon to define archetypes through spiritual practices, many develop their own. We all draw inspiration in our lives to create archetypes whether consciously or subconsciously. Those archetypes come through during times of dreaming, tripping, great stress and creativity. They present themselves to us when we commune with the universe in even the most mundane ways.

So what is the Shadowman?

It’s basically the scariest thing most people can think of. He is a shadow so he can’t be identified. He has bright red eyes and has a menacing energy that leaves you paralysed in his presence. He is truly the epidemy of a demon who is there to eat your soul. He is as real of an entity as you believe existing in the astral realm who was created by you, the concious creator. Every possible form of entity that can be thought of can exists within the universe. All created by you, yourself. When we think of or feel something, we give that idea or feeling the energy to grow and sometimes into entities even. Your attention is subtle energy and how you direct it influences the growth of the universe. This is the butterfly effect in full motion.

Sleep paralysis can be scary but it’s a natural process of being human. I’m not going to explain it to you scientifically (I’m no scientist) but thing happen that can be scary. That causes stress that can manifest into your version of the sandman if gone array. If you are manifesting these stressful events then you need create yourself tools to be cope because clearly it has escalated and thoughts can and do eventually become real. Your emotions are unconsciously manifesting your biased thoughts.


When talking about something such as the Shadowman, not only are we thinking of a concept or idea but we are describing an emotional archetype. It’s the archetype of fear. This strong emotion can be overwhelming and is far more focused than simple logic. Manifestation of this entity or similar ones are created by associations of strong emotions to archetypal concepts. The person then projects the emotion outward via the emotion usually unintentionally, with little emotional awareness. This is the same thing going for anyone who is hunted. In order to get unhunted, those associations need to be broken down and the emotions need to confronted. Greater emotional awareness needs to be cultivated to properly deal with this issue. Understanding an emotion is the first step to managing it harmoniously.

Having emotional associations the archetype is fine and can even be a good thing. Knowing and understanding your associations can be helpful by allowing you to see any manifestation for what it is, whether it be a dream or Shadowman. Shadowman just represents your fear. Understanding that can be the first step to breaking him down and banishing him to further realms.

For those who have never consciously explored sleep paralysis, it can be stressful. It is a scary thing. First you get the vibrations that can be so intense that you feel like you will explode. Some people get loud crashing feeling and noise entering or leaving the vibration state. Then the paralysis and the merging of realities. This can be the scariest part. We are not trained as regular humans to think this is possible much less natural, it’s no wonder why panic is induced. The more you explore this, the more comfortable you will become.




I’ve never personally had an experience with the Shadowman but I have slayed my own dragons sort a speak. It’s only actually happened to me once and manifested somewhat diferently. It’s important to note that I’m not a visually dominant but kinaesthetic.

This was in 2013, I was preparing to go to sleep and had a routine of pre-sleep meditation, to help induce lucid dreaming. That night, I was attempting a wake induced lucid dream (WILD) by consciously observing myself fall asleep bit by bit. I first put my body to sleep and entered into sleep paralysis, which I now know to be focus 10. This was one of the first times that managed to enter deep into focus 10 and was unfamiliar with what to expect. I was surprised when I started to feel and hear buzzing. It got louder then evened out. All of a sudden I felt a presence. Not a good one nor a completely malicious one but the overwhelming air of suppression and restrain took over. This wasn’t a good energy.

I was awake and saw nothing in the room. All of a sudden I couldn’t move and I realized it. I was trapped. The buzzing stopped and I could hear the loud thumping of my heart. I was most definitely stuck inside myself when the energy I couldn’t see started approaching me. Next thing I felt was a growing pressure on my chest like as if someone was pushing down on me, all as the buzzing started up again. I was being snuffed out I though. A second of panic follow the sense of relaxation.

I instinctively shielded myself energetically by charging by bodily energy through my sacral chakra to release all in one blast. I built and built and built the released. Upon release then tension subsided in right away but so did my focus 10 state (or sleep paralysis) along with it. This was a simple method of what is referred to as psychic self defence. The art of protecting yourself from subtle energies.

Really all I did was reduce my fear with an exercise designed to give me confidence that I am shielded. This is one of many common exercises that is to create a positive, safe and nurturing environment to alter your conciousness.  Knowing some psychic self defence will definitely help you build confidence but psychic safety is actually important. Your mental health starts with you concious frame of mind but more on that later.