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Welcome to Astral Projection Guide,

You’ve stumbled upon my roadmap to learning the less obvious facets of life. It’s not a map telling anyone where to go but only of where I have been. I’m not a gifted psychic, a seer or a guru, I’m a regular person fascinated with the idea of overcoming limitations. I firmly believe that mental and physical limitations can be mind hacked out of existence. Anything is possible…

At the moment, I am exploring astral projection, also known as out of body experiences. It’s long been said that these experiences can open up avenues to explore one’s conciousness and  can even help develop extra sensory perception. I find that idea incredibly attractive.

Ancient tales of varying origins describe stories of unique individuals who possessed super human capabilities such a healing, feats of incredible strength and precognition. The fact that we think that we cannot perform such acts are the reason we can’t in my opinion. I’m not a religious person but I believe that the stories of prophets are just romanticizations of skilled individuals. Something like saying that Usain Bolt can run faster than cars. Just because he doesn’t, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t run fast. These mindfeats are just skills that lie dormant in human kind.

So assuming extra sensory perception (ESP) is real, how do you do it?

To define ESP, I don’t think it’s simply the act of moving things with you mind or fortune telling. It’s the existence of another plane of conciousness that we can access to change or dicipher ours. It’s intuition at a high and functional degree and can even encompass influencing the physical universe. It’s learning how to perceive the spiritual and energetic dimensions.

The development extra sensory perception has long been associated esoteric practices such as meditation, sensory deprevation, food and water deprevation, prayer (to name a few) to produce altered states such as astral projection and lucid dreaming. Mastering these practices to experience these altered and trance state are speculated as a path to developing what today are referred to as psychic skills. I think that ESP is a natural human skill that is achievable through training and I am determined to train to developes these skills.

This is not meant to be a how to guide but an experience based one. I find that most of the current literature is comes from the point of view that the readers should just assume that these states can be experienced by others but not themselves. I can tell you first hand, I’m a generalist so I learn fast but also plateau early so you will get to see what it take to develop these skills from scratch though you will likely surpass me, but that’s ok. Our universe is vast and there is much to learn.

I look forward to getting to know you along the way,