What Guided me Toward Astral Projection?

Astral projection for me, like many, was not discovered on purpose. It came as of a result of a accidental out of body experience brought on by a car accident.

I was 14 years old, in grade 8 at the time and was waiting at the bus stop for school. It was a typical fall rainy day and I didn’t have an umbrella so I was standing beneath a tree to avoid getting rained on. That morning I was in no mood to be going to school because I hadn’t done my homework and had a test I hadn’t studied for. I remember thinking to myself “anything to get me out of this today”. I wasn’t the most academically ambitious kid and didn’t like the structure of school.

That morning was a morning like no other. The bus stop was situated at the end of a large bend in the suburban road and I was used to seeing cars speed by with no regard to speed limits or stop signs. Standing beneath my tree kind of in my own little world, I saw coming down the road, at about 80km/h what looked to be another inconsiderate driver. I didn’t think anything of it when suddenly the car didn’t react to the bend and barrelled at full speed through a fence coming directly for the bus stop. Instinctively, I ran away from the road but it was the wrong direction. The car smoked me so hard I actually saw it hit me from the outside. I bounced around on top of the car for a bit until it hit a brick barrier and stopped. The next thing I remember is coming to, in shock and wondering where the hell my shoes went. They were about 30 feet away but the car was a wreck. I ended up being rushed to the hospital getting out of it with only 3 broken ribs, a bruised spleen, a punctured lung and a dislodged pelvic. I was lucky, not only to have survived with such minor injuries but to have my first brush with extra consciousness and I though nothing of it. I didn’t question seeing the accident in the 3rd person and was actually blissfully ignorant about whole the experience. I watch the whole accident occur from outside my body and didn’t feel a thing, almost as a coping mechanism. I was too young to think anything of it and life went on.

As a teenager, my main preoccupation in life was to fit in. I was a normal kid in a normal high school in Canada. Parties were where I thrived and not only did I get introduced to people but altered consciousness. Coming from a loving, honest and nurturing home I knew the dangers of drugs and was always timid in experimentation but I was easy to influence. Early on, I learnt that if it comes from the ground it likely won’t kill you and experimented based on that premise. I tried pot and like it. I tried Psilocybin Mushrooms, it scared the shit out of me and later on tried Salvia Divinirum curiously to see if it would scare me as much as mushrooms did.

I ended up having a concious out of body experience while under the influence of Salvia. This time it was way less traumatic because it didn’t accompany me almost dying and getting rushed to the hospital. Don’t get me wrong, it was scary and experiencing Salvia is in no way comfortable. It was actually a two part experience because we dosed multiple times within the session. The first was more similar to a lucid dream as I entered an entirely new realm of reality where I was trying to climb a pyramid and finally came to when I got to the top to see my friend kind of climbing the carpet. Odd… The next was your typical concious out of body experience. I quietly watched us all sitting around but about 6 feet above and behind my body. I had gotten passed the vibration stage and was comfortable again. The experience came and went and this time I did discuss it with my friends and we had a good laugh thinking “man, we were tripping balls”. The experience on the other hand was oddly familiar for me and seeded an interest and curiosity that eventually lead to me actively perusing the skill.

It started with lucid dreaming. This was a natural starting point for me because I have always been an active and vivid dreamer. I practised on and off for many years and built a competency but never took it very seriously. I have definitely taken in significant education in various teachings of energy work but know that I am not an expert in the matter. Like many of you, I am still learning but now am going to track and share my experience in a more committed way. I am going to ensure progress for myself through these writings. Feel free to join me in this journey and to share with all of us your experiences and guidance.