What is a Binaural Beat and What Does it Do?

Our world is made up of vibrations. Whether it be and building, a car, a piano, a tree or even you, the particles that make up all physical objects are also waves vibrating at various frequencies. We live in a cosmic dance of waves interfering with each other to create peaks and valleys and an infinite diversity of material objects and unseen forces.

Our planet has a resonant frequency, meaning that like a tuning fork, it naturally hums at a natural frequency. In 1954, Winfried Otto Schumann determined that hum to be approximately 8Hz. Later interest in the matter determined that the exact resonant frequency of mother earth was 7.83Hz. That frequency was from then on was known as Schumanns’ Resonance. Later it was determined that the natural state of all living things on earth had the same frequency. The Schumanns’ Resonance was known to be the natural state of resonance of all living things on earth.

Significant research has been done on the impacts of vibrations on our everyday lives. Even prior to the discovery of Schumanns’ Resonance, methods have been thought of to influence and induce difference brain frequencies. In 1839, Henrick Welheim Dove discovered the binaural beat.  Dove’s research generated little interest from the academic community at the time and remained rather obscure until in 1973 when Gerald Oster published an article in Scientific American entitled “Auditory Beats in the Brain”.  It described how Dove’s discovery could be applied to cognitive and neurological conditioning. Simply put, the binaural beat could be used for something. Technology had now advanced enough for the binaural beat to be applied to human conditioning.

A binaural beat is produced by the brain when 2 audio tones are presented at slightly different frequencies to the subjects ears, typically using stereo headphones. The binaural beat is commonly presented as audio recording of two frequencies that when played through headphones will work in combination to encourage a third resonant frequency in your brain. The base to the binaural beat will have one set frequency of say 100Hz played in one ear and another of say 110Hz in the other, encouraging your brain to resonate at 10Hz. Every natural state of mind will originate from activity in specific areas of your brain and those areas can be activated by having your brain resonate specific frequencies. When you are happy, one area of your brain is more active and with that, your brain resonates around a specific frequency.

I’m no neurologist or sound engineer but one thing I can tell you from experience is that binaural beats can help you achieve a desired mindset in conjunction with meditation. I am currently in the process of experimenting with many binaural frequencies and am cataloguing results to optimize this tool in meditation for the development of mind. Simply put, I’m looking to find practical use for the frequencies by method of trial and error (as well as research) to achieve higher states and altered conciousness.

It’s clear that astral projection requires a certain mindset and undoubtedly, this mindset is paralleled with a brain frequency pattern. I think that binaural beat can be a useful to to achieve this mindset. I’m pretty determined to find out how. Let us know in the comment section how you have been using binaural beat and what kind of experience you have derived from them.