What is Astral Projection?

Astral Projection, also known as astral travel is the concious act of having an out of body experience. This is when your consciousness is projected outside your physical body while remaining self aware. This conciousness is commonly referred to as your astral body or your spirit but many belief systems see the phenomenon in a variety of different lights.

The term astral projection is a western term used to describe the phenomenon but it exist in many cultures around the world. The term Astral is best known within circles of new age spiritualism in western culture but has long been talked about in many of the world spiritual and religious practices. Many of these practices talk in large about the concept of a soul but with the exception of few predominantly eastern philosophies, the ability for mankind to overcome physical boundaries and experience these realms has seldom been contemplated. True spiritual practice has long been reserved for elite spiritual leaders to disseminate to the masses.

Hinduism is a spiritual practice that has long embraced the idea that your consciousness simply inhabits your physical being and that with practice, one may overcome physical boundaries. The story of Buddha is one of enlightenment achieved through sacrifice and hardship in commitment to spiritual development. There have been many stories of Buddha throughout history describing similar stories of individuals merging with the universe through self discovery and practice. This core idea is the seed to what many modern spiritual practitioners base their spiritual exercises. It’s not an exercise of belief but experience. What has been coined as new age spiritualism is simply the practice of self and spiritual discovery through practices such as yoga, meditation, remote viewing, psychedelics, shamanism, visualization and many such trainings of the mind. Woo woo is when people are fanatical and dogmatic about it.

Much of traditional science is sceptical as it relate to anything outside the physical realm of existence and astral projection is no different. The scientific method states that in order have a deemed established theory, results must be replicated and quantifiable through peer review. Statistics may demonstrate evidence but no sound conclusion have yet been based on quantifiable proof. At this point through advancement in quantum theory, we have mathematically proven the multi-verse theory which states that unlimited dimensions of reality exist but no theories have been put forth on how or if they can be perceived consciously. At this point, science doesn’t have a theory as to why people can consciously be at two places at once or how extra sensory perception can be possible, so it has been deemed a myth. In the eyes of many traditionally sceptical scientists, astral projection is simple dream induced hallucination. To them I ask, where does that gut feeling come from? That gut feeling when you know something just isn’t right or aught to be? Definitely not statistics.